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24 Weeks Pregnant

You probably have a good little bump now and are starting to feel that you are looking more and more pregnant. Discover what else you can expect at 24 weeks of pregnancy by watching these mums and their weekly pregnancy vlogs.

24 week old foetus

How Will I Feel at 24 Weeks Pregnant?

You might be noticing new symptoms at this stage like bleeding gums – if you do, make sure you visit a dentist and get advice on how to care for your teeth during pregnancy. As your bump continues to swell, you might also notice your balance is way off. Go easy and take your time when doing physical activities as you don’t want to fall over when you’re pregnant. Even things like standing up quickly can make your head spin so go easy – that’s an order.

How Big is my Baby at 24 Weeks?

Your baby is about the size of a corn on the cob at 24 weeks pregnant. They weigh around 600g and if you could peek inside your womb you’d see your baby has hair, eyelashes and eyebrows – but the pigment has yet to be created, so all these appear white for now. Their skin is still translucent and they’ll be quite lean at this point – the coming weeks will see your baby gain weight and become cuter and cuter as the weeks go by.