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25 Weeks Pregnant

Are you 25 weeks pregnant? Find out what to expect at this stage of your pregnancy by watching these mums vlog about their 25th week of pregnancy.

25 week 4d scan

How Will I Feel at 25 Weeks?

You should be feeling like you have a bit more energy these days (at least compared to the first trimester) but it’s important to still take things easy as your baby is gaining weight and as your bump grows you may find your balance is thrown off a bit. It’s a good time to start thinking about how you would like to give birth and it’s a great time to do some early nesting, from picking a cot to a car seat, there’s lots to consider.

Make sure you’re drinking lots of water as your baby needs it for the amniotic fluid – and feel free to ask your midwife about healthy eating habits during pregnancy. You may find eating the right foods can help you to feel more energetic.

How Big is my Baby at 25 Weeks?

At this stage of pregnancy your baby should measure around 33cm in length and amazingly are starting to have their own routine of naps and playtime inside your womb. From wriggling and kicking about, to snoozing and listening to your voice, it’s a busy old life for a foetus!