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26 Weeks Pregnant

At 26 weeks pregnant you may be feeling the signs of heartburn, SPD or back pain. Or you may be feeling full of energy! Discover what to expect at this stage and see bump progress from these expectant mums to be.

26 week old foetus

How Big is my Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby now weighs around 2 lbs and is around 35cm long. They’ve still got a lot of growing and chubbing out to do. Your baby is now starting to practice breathing movements using the amniotic fluid and their vision and brain development is going to go through a big phase of refinement soon. You may find that they are increasingly sensitive to the noises around them now.

How Will I Feel at 26 Weeks Pregnant?

Your skin may feel quite itchy or uncomfortable as your belly gets bigger, try drinking more water to keep your skin hydrated and use creams to keep your skin feeling supple. Stretch marks are not inevitable but they do happen quite often during pregnancy. Try not to worry about them too much as they do fade over time and the most important thing of all is your healthy baby.