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27 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy pains, funny kicks, birth planning and nursery decorating? This all might sound familiar if you’re 27 weeks pregnant. Discover what to expect at the 27th week of pregnancy by hearing it from these mums as they reach this milestone.

27 week 4D scan

How Big is my Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant?

At 27 weeks pregnant your baby is around the same size as a head of cauliflower and is going through some incredible milestones – like opening their eyes for the first time. That means they can detect light and may start to distinguish night and day from inside your womb – how amazing is that? What’s more they will probably have a bit of a routine now – sleeping at certain times and kicking around at other times – no doubt you’ll have noticed their wakeful periods by now!

How Will I Feel at 27 Weeks Pregnant?

At 27 weeks pregnant you will definitely feel very pregnant and you might notice things like leaky boobs, excess wind or an increased appetite, wakeful sleep and the need to pee all the time. No one said pregnancy was easy did they? Try and get rest when you can and make sure your extra calories are good ones. Also make sure you drink lots of water to keep hydrated as growing a baby is thirsty work!