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29 Weeks Pregnant

Watch these pregnancy diaries from mums to be who are all 29 weeks pregnant. Discover what to expect at this stage of pregnancy.

29 week old baby 4d scan

How Big is my Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant?

At 29 weeks pregnant your baby will weight around 2lbs and will be about 39 cm long. It’s amazing to think you’ve got just over 10 weeks now until you meet your baby and if you think time has gone quickly so far, this last part of pregnancy can actually feel really slow. Your baby is still packing on the weight and getting stronger and other developments this week include their eye focus getting sharper. Soon that gorgeous gaze will be looking up at you – what a thought!

How Will I Feel at 29 Weeks Pregnant?

Now is a brilliant time to get prepared with your hospital bag essentials and your birth plan. Preparation means less stress and more time to nest and rest! You’re likely to be noticing your belly is getting quite big now and it can make your balance difficult at times! Other stuff to consider at this stage of pregnancy is your maternity leave – it may approach a lot faster than you think so try and get ahead of your self at work so you can spend time planning for all things baby related – there’s the nursery, car seat, buggy, cot… the list goes on! Now is a good time to make sure you’ve done all your essential shopping. Watch hospital bag videos for inspiration.