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30 Weeks Pregnant

At 30 weeks pregnant you’re likely to be feeling quite slow and tired as you approach the final 10 weeks before your due date. Discover what else you can expect at 30 weeks of pregnancy by watching these mums and their weekly pregnancy vlogs.

30 week bump

How Will I Feel at 30 Weeks Pregnant?

At 30 weeks pregnant you are bound to be feeling tired – partly because of all the work your body is doing to sustain your baby but also because sleeping is probably becoming harder and harder to come by. Night time can be increasingly interrupted by the call of nature as you need to pee more frequently as your baby starts to press more on your bladder. Try and get some day time naps in whenever you can and wherever possible get friends and family to help with things that you’re finding harder to manage. It can be an emotional time of pregnancy as well as it becomes ever more real that you’re about to have a baby. It’s normal to have emotional highs and lows as you anticipate the huge life changes ahead. The last few weeks will drag on but in another sense they fly by! Time to start taking photos of your bump and treasuring these final weeks of pregnancy.

How Big is my Baby at 30 Weeks?

Your baby is now the size of a cabbage and the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb is reducing as your baby takes up more and more space. Their eyesight is continuing to improve but most of the time your baby will have their eyes shut. When their eyes are open they can only make out things a few inches from their face. The lanugo hair on their body will start to reduce from here on until birth as brain cells and fat start to help regulate your baby’s body temperature inside your womb. Your baby will also start moving their position so that they are in the head down position ready for childbirth. Things are starting to get seriously real now – not long until you meet your baby