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31 Weeks Pregnant

You might be finding it hard to sleep and may be feeling lots of movement inside your tummy. Find out what else to expect at 31 weeks pregnant by watching these mums vlog honestly about their pregnancy symptoms, week by week.

31 week 4D scan

How Will I Feel at 31 Weeks Pregnant?

You might start to notice Braxton Hicks which is when the muscles in your uterus tighten now you are 31 weeks pregnant. These are often referred to as practice contractions, but they shouldn’t be painful. If you’re not sure of anything make an appointment with your GP or call your midwife – any twinges or unfamiliar feelings should always get investigated when you’re pregnant. There’s not much longer to go but these last few weeks can feel endless and you’re only going to become more uncomfortable. You might be suffering from constipation or heartburn, so make sure you get medical advice on how to remedy these.

How Big is my Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant?

Believe it or not, your baby is now the size of a coconut! Your bump will be taking on a life of its own at this stage, getting bigger as your baby fills up the space inside your womb. Your baby is going to go through a bit of a growth spurt at this stage so expect comments on the size of your growing bump! Your baby is going to be exercising their limbs as much as possible, turning around and somersaulting – which seems to happen a lot at night time – meaning you’re probably getting broken sleep already.