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33 Weeks Pregnant

Find out what it feels like to be 33 weeks pregnant. From symptoms and preparations to appointments and coming up with baby names, it certainly starts to get busy in the last trimester.

33 week old foetus

How Big is My Baby at 33 Weeks?

Your baby is now around 4lbs and about 44 cm long! It’s not long until you meet them and it’s around this time that they should start getting into an engaged position. There’s much less amniotic fluid now too as your baby is taking up more and more space. Movements can start to feel a little sharp and depending on their position you may feel quite uncomfortable at times.

How Will I Feel at 33 Weeks Pregnant?

You’re probably on a countdown to your maternity leave at this stage waiting to put your feet up and start nesting! If you are 33 weeks pregnant you may notice much stronger movements from your baby as they get bigger and gain strength, it’s a nice idea to make a video of your baby’s movements in your tummy – it will be something you miss when they’re finally here – trust us! You may also be experiencing breathlessness, this is totally normal as your lungs are getting squashed by the baby!