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34 Weeks Pregnant

You’re nearly at the finish line but it still feels so far away. These mums share their experiences of being 34 weeks pregnant, find out what their thinking and feeling, both mentally and physically as they count down to their due dates.

4d scan at 34 weeks

How Will I Feel at 34 Weeks?

You’re likely to be feeling quite tired and big at this stage. You may find you get out of breath very easily or that you feel excessively hot. All this is normal as you near the end of your pregnancy. You may experience low blood pressure so take your time when moving around so as not to get dizzy. At night time you may be needing to wee regularly and might find that you’re always uncomfortable when lying down – it can feel challenging to get a good night’s sleep at the end of your pregnancy!

How Big is my Baby at 34 Weeks?

Your baby is now the size of a cantaloupe melon and is fast running out of space. At this stage your baby is putting on fat and their skin is becoming smoother. Inside, their lungs are maturing and the central nervous system too. You may notice your bump popping with some interesting shapes as they push their hands, feet or elbows into your belly – why not take a video – it’s an amazing thing to see! While your baby is not yet full term, premature babies born between 34 and 37 weeks generally do as well as full term babies in the long run, although a baby born at 34 weeks is likely to require time and care in a neonatal unit.