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36 Weeks Pregnant

At 36 weeks of pregnancy there’s a high chance that you’ll be starting to nest like crazy and trying to get everything ready for your new baby. Find out what life is like at 36 weeks pregnant by hearing it straight from these mums to be.

4d scan at 36 weeks

How Big is my Baby at 36 Weeks Pregnant?

At 36 weeks pregnant your baby is now around 6lbs and you may notice your bump ‘dropping’ or feeling more sensation lower down in your belly. This is all completely normal as your baby gets ready to make their exit and their grand appearance! At this stage of pregnancy your baby is now shedding the lanugo hair that covers their body, and they’ll also be getting ready to do their first poo when they come out. All the fluid they’re swallowing inside the womb is known as meconium and is a black substance that makes up their first bowel movement.

How Will I Feel at 36 Weeks Pregnant?

At 36 weeks pregnant you are bound to be feeling tired, heavy and increasingly ready to meet your baby. There are still a few weeks to go until your due date so now is a good time to get comfortable, start nesting and organising while you still have the energy, so everything is prepared for the arrival of your new bubba.