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37 Weeks Pregnant

At 37 weeks pregnant you’re nearing the end. You’re full term and probably feel ready to pop! These mums have shared their pregnancy updates to show you what it feels like to be 37 weeks pregnant. It’s time to try and slow down.

37 week old in 4D scan

How Will I Feel at 37 weeks Pregnant?

At 37 weeks pregnant you might be experiencing Braxton Hicks which are contractions but not the real thing. Your body will be getting ready for labour and you may find that things like sleep are already very hard to come by. You may be waking often at night due to the discomfort of your bump and also your bladder being squashed by your baby. Make sure you keep aware of your baby’s movements and be sure to notify a medical professional should you notice your baby moving less. At this late stage of pregnancy you may be finding yourself quite out of breath as your lungs are squashed by your bump. Not long to go now though!

How Big is my Baby at 37 Weeks?

At 37 weeks pregnant your baby is as big as a Swiss Chard. They’re still growing and now it’s important for your baby to bulk up and gain weight until birth. They will likely be feeling quite cramped inside your womb now and have probably been kicking and moving a lot. Your baby will be blinking, sucking their thumb and will be practicing breathing with the amniotic fluid – they’re really getting ready for the real world.