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38 Weeks Pregnant

How does it feel to be 38 weeks pregnant? These mums share their symptoms from Braxton Hicks to swollen ankles and the constant need to wee, this is how it feels to be 38 weeks pregnant. Happy watching!

4d scan of 38 week old foetus

How Will I Feel at 38 Weeks Pregnant?

You’re going to be feeling pretty big and cumbersome at 38 weeks pregnant and are probably desperate to meet your baby. Hang on in there – there’s not long to go. Make sure you spend these last few weeks before your due date nesting and resting as much as possible. It will be all go, go, go, when baby finally arrives!

How Big is my Baby at 38 Weeks Pregnant?

At 38 weeks pregnant your baby is about the same length as a leek and is getting ready to meet you – finally! They probably weigh around 6.8 pounds and are busy gaining weight ahead of their due date. Your baby will be shedding the vernix and lanugo on their body and behind the scenes their brain is doing a lot of work refining its systems in preparation for all the stimulation that awaits outside of the womb.