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40 Weeks Pregnant

It may be your due date but that doesn’t mean baby has got the memo. Find out what to expect at 40 weeks pregnant by watching these mums vlog honestly about their pregnancy symptoms, week by week.

Emily and a 40 week pregnant bump

How Will I Feel at 40 Weeks Pregnant?

At 40 weeks pregnant you’re probably feeling ready to pop! You’re officially reaching your due date any day now and it can be a frustrating time to wait to go into labour. You might be interested in trying natural induction methods, from walking to eating spicy food to having sex to drinking raspberry leaf tea, there are lots of natural induction methods out there – but it’s worth talking to your midwife or GP before you do anything.

You’re likely to be feeling quite tired and heavy so try and take it as easy as possible.

How Big is My baby at 40 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby is between 6 and 8lbs and should now be in the head down position waiting to make their appearance. They’re about the size of a small pumpkin which is why you’re constantly in need of a wee these days! Your baby is now considered full term and should you have already passed your due date you may be starting to discuss your induction options with your midwife. Your baby won’t be considered post term until after 42 weeks but these next few days can be an exciting, but also a worrying time as you wonder when your baby will come and you and your midwife team will want to make sure that your baby is happy. If you have any twinges or concerns at this stage the best thing is get medical advice straight away. It won’t be long until you hold your baby in your arms now!