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6 Weeks Pregnant

You have probably just found out you are pregnant so congratulations! Your baby is forming their nose, mouth and ears this week but how does it feel to be pregnant at 6 weeks? These mums have shared their early pregnancy symptoms so you can know what to expect at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

6 week old feotus

How Will I Feel at 6 Weeks?

It’s likely you’ll be feeling the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy at this stage. Frequent urination is a common symptom at 6 weeks, and it can often happen at night, interrupting your sleep and making you feel even more tired. You may find yourself suffering from heartburn or indigestion as your hormones have relaxed the muscles in your body – including the one at the top of the stomach that usually prevents digestive juices from resurfacing. To help ease heartburn take your time over your meals, and if you’re experiencing vomiting or nausea, try taking ginger tea to relieve it a little.

How Big is my Baby at 6 Weeks?

At 6 weeks pregnant your baby is only the size of a lentil. This week their intestines are forming and their facial features too – the very ones you’ll soon be kissing all over. The body of your baby is starting to take shape with buds forming that will eventually become arms and legs, the lungs and kidneys are all forming and the heart is already beating at 100–160 times a minute.