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9 Weeks Pregnant

Are you nine weeks pregnant? You’ll need to watch these vlogs by real mums documenting what life is like at your stage of pregnancy. From morning sickness and other symptoms to the beginnings of that baby bump, these mums share their pregnancy diaries for nine weeks and beyond.

9 week old foetus

How Will I Feel at Nine Weeks?

At nine weeks it’s likely you won’t be showing much but that’s not to say you won’t be feeling extremely pregnant. You may have nausea still and your body is working so hard that you’ll probably be feeling a lot of tiredness and fatigue. Emotionally it’s probably still sinking in that you’re having a baby and until you’re out of the first trimester it can be a worrying time to know that the pregnancy is progressing as it should. Try to be kind to yourself and put your feet up, eat well and get yourself to bed at a reasonable time.

How Big is my Baby at Nine weeks?

At nine weeks your baby is about the size of a grape and is starting to look like a tiny human. All the major physiology is now in place with their organs, muscles and nerves now made. Their whole body will go through huge development and changes in the weeks ahead, but there are some landmarks this week; their heart will finally be divided into four chambers and the little embryonic tail will have vanished. What’s more, there are teeny tiny teeth starting to form and their facial features including earlobes, nostrils and eyelids are more pronounced.