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Channel Mum Meet The Experts

Our latest series Meet The Experts takes you into the homes of some well known professionals in their field, from doctors to parenting ‘gurus’. We get their top tips and ask them some of parents’ biggest questions about the sometimes overwhelming world of parenthood. From advice about children’s health to tips for starting school, don’t just take it from us, take it from the experts. Click here to find a list of the Channel Mum experts you can chat to in our Support Group.

Channel Mum meet the experts

Hear From Parenting Experts…

What should I do about toddler tantrums? How can I prevent SIDS? I need help with baby sleep! These are just some of the questions us parents find ourselves asking. We are excited to chat to some amazing experts who really know what they’re talking about with this series. Why not drop into the Channel Mum support group to get support and help from some of our experts and trained parent supporters right now? Find out more about the Channel Mum experts here.