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Miscarriage and Baby Loss

Miscarriage is never easy to talk about, but it’s something that many women have suffered. These vloggers have shared their intimate miscarriage stories. They discuss what it feels like to lose a baby and how to get through the emotional devastation. Their stories offer support, understanding and hope to any woman or couple who have sadly lost a baby.

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Support from other mums if you lose your baby

How to cope after a miscarriage

After a miscarriage it’s normal to go through a period of grieving and it can often feel difficult to cope. You have to grieve for not only the baby you lost and the imagined future you had with them, but also your imagined future as a parent. It can be incredibly difficult and can feel isolating as you may not feel able to talk about your baby loss.

It can feel frustrating as well as overwhelming and you may suffer from feelings of anxiety or guilt, or feel confused as to why the miscarriage happened. Our team of vloggers have bravely opened up about how miscarriage has effected them. From talking about their baby loss stories to their coping strategies, it helps to hear from other’s who have experienced a similarly heartbreaking situation.

Feelings after baby loss

If you are finding it hard to deal with your feelings after baby loss, it can help to talk to a healthcare professional. It’s common practice to be offered a follow up appointment with a midwife or doctor following a miscarriage, usually between six to eight weeks after your loss. They will want to check on how you are doing emotionally, and will also want to check on your physical condition. Depending on how far into the pregnancy you experienced baby loss, you may be referred to a bereavement midwife for support.