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Meditation and Me-Time

Me time is very difficult to find as a mum. These mums have shared their me time fantasies as well as tips on meditation and finding time to get away from it all.

Relaxing when you are a mum

How Do You Find Me Time?

Me time might sound like an impossibility when you’re a mum – there’s always so much to do! But it’s hugely important for your wellbeing – even if it’s just a few minutes here and there. These mums have created some really valuable content all about how they wind down. There are lots of great ideas, from apps to use to promote wellbeing, to different ways of chilling out, whether it’s sport or meditation, it’s a good idea to find your own special way of reconnecting with yourself. Perhaps it’s reading a book or having a bath, these vlogs should inspire you to find a moment just for you and why not pop into our Chat Forum to talk to other mums.