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PND, Depression & Anxiety Stories

Postnatal depression, depresion and anxiety are surprisingly common and yet they’re still not discussed often enough. These candid accounts of real life experiences are an incredible resource for anyone who is feeling low, worried or even depressed after the birth of their baby. Adjusting to motherhood or a new baby is full of challenges and these mums have shared their stories of PND, depression, anxiety and how they have been able to cope and change their mental health.
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Vloggers share their anxiety and depression stories and help each other

Do I have postnatal depression?

As many as one in ten women experience postnatal depression, but it can feel incredibly lonely. Rather than the baby blues, which usually pass a few weeks after giving birth, postnatal depression can leave you feeling extremely low and can happen anywhere from two weeks after giving birth to a year. There is help and support available so make sure you don’t suffer in silence and try and open up to your GP or health visitor. You can also take this short quiz, written by the Channel Mum Psychologist in Residence Emma Kenny. Share your results of the quiz here after you have taken them.

Postnatal depression symptoms

Postnatal depression can start with many symptoms and most of them are emotional. They can include feelings of depression and despondency, feelings of hopelessness or not being able to cope, a loss of interest in your baby or generally feeling like you cannot concentrate or enjoy life. You may be experiencing a lot of anxiety about your baby or having panic attacks, aches and pains or extreme tiredness. Make sure you see a GP if you are concerned about postnatal depression.

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