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Take The Channel Mum Anxiety Course

Do you find yourself worrying throughout the day? Do you feel tense or afraid about things and you’re not entirely sure why? You may be suffering from anxiety. It’s extremely common and you are not alone, as our research shows that 85% of mums have suffered at some point. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there are things you can do that will improve how you are feeling. Channel Mum’s psychologist-in-residence, Emma Kenny, has devised a course to help you. Be sure to check out our Anxiety Toolkit right here!

Chat on Channel Mum You can also visit our professionally moderated Support Group if you would like to chat to others. You can even post anonymously.

anxiety course

Take the Anxiety Quiz

How are  you feeling today? It is great to ‘check out’ how you feel from time to time so why not take the Channel Mum Anxiety Quiz and help recognise when you might need seek a bit of support and advice. You can chat to Emma Kenny in our Support Groups here. 

Psychologist approved advice

This anxiety course has been checked and approved by our in-house expert Emma Kenny in October 2018.