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A temper tantrum is a sudden emotional outburst that all parents have to cope with at some point in their child’s life. Most common in toddlerhood and early childhood, tantrums can be very challenging to deal with and often happen at the most inconvenient times. The tantruming child in the supermarket or being carried through the shopping centre by an distraught parent, will be a familiar sight to many of us.

Thankfully we have some great tips on how to survive it all – see what worked for these mums. You can also chat with other mums in our Support Group.

Struggling with tantrums? Here's other mum's experiences

Why do toddlers have tantrums?

It can often feel like they are just being difficult or manipulative, but in fact the main reason they are throw a tantrum because they are frustrated. Tantrums start around the age of one and can last until age three. It’s a time when they are learning language and starting to understand the world around them, but aren’t able to fully communicate their needs or feelings. This can lead to intense frustration and emotional outbursts.

How to deal with tantrums: techniques and strategies

Tantrums can be incredibly difficult to cope with as a mum, especially when they’re public or when they’re so frequent that you feel like having a tantrum of your own. These mums have shared their experiences of tantruming toddlers and little ones – so please realise you’re not alone.

There are strategies and techniques that can help you manage this phase. From explaining things to your toddler, to ignoring their cries for attention, to distraction methods – there are plenty of different approaches to making tantrums more manageable if not a thing of the past.

Remember that eventually your child will grow out of this phase and that tantrums are all part of normal development. It’s tough but it’s nothing you can’t handle.