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The best thing about potty training your toddler is that help, advice and tips are available from those mums that have been there before. You might be wondering the best age to start potty training, how you will know your child is ready and how to start off the process. We’ve got lots of videos covering everything from just starting out with your potty training journey, to helping your your child become dry at night.  Plus you can also talk to other parents and experts over in our Support Group.

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Tips for potty training your toddler

When to start potty training

Every child is different so there’s no exact age to start potty training, although generally this is around aged two and two-and-a-half, before they start nursery. Many parents find it easier to start potty training in the summer months when it’s easier to let them run around without a nappy. Our vloggers talk about the different ways their children started to show signs they were ready, from showing an interest in their siblings or parents using the toilet, to becoming more self-conscious about filling their nappy.

How to potty train at night

You may have cracked potty training during the day but there’s a final hurdle to achieve. Potty training at night. It can be hard to get your toddler out of nighttime nappies even when they’re fully potty trained during the daytime. Our vloggers have been there and done that when it comes to nocturnal potty training, so watch their tips to see how they got their little ones out of nappies for good.

How to potty train a boy or a girl

There are some differences when it comes to potty training boys or girls. Boys often take a little longer to be completely potty trained and present different challenges. In either scenario you need to make sure you’re trying to potty train them at the right time, when they’ve shown signs of being ready to start. Make sure you get the right equipment and strategies behind you before you start so you can be well prepared. You’ll need a potty, some new underwear for your child and your changing bag should be packed with lots of spare outfits just in case of accidents. These mums are sharing their potty training stories with you – and we’re sure you’ll find them helpful.