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Channel Mum Potty Training Course

Are you starting to think about potty training? Perhaps you’ve already tried potty training and it didn’t go so well? Sometimes it can be really confusing to know how to potty train (and when to start), but remember with Channel Mum you are not alone. Channel Mum’s Potty Training Expert, Amanda Jenner, has developed a four-part video course to help you.

Is your child ready to start potty training? Take our interactive quiz to find out!

potty trainingIf you have any questions or need some extra advice, please chat to other mums and our potty training expert Amanda Jenner in our Mum SOS Support Group.

Channel Mum Potty Training Course

How To Potty Train

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to potty training, and it very much depends on your personal preference and your individual child. The best thing to do is watch through this course to get all the information you need, and then use it to create a plan that suits your family.

When To Start Potty Training

The number one tip from Amanda Jenner is to listen to your child! There is no right or wrong answer as to when you should start potty training, but by looking out for the signs that your individual child is ready you’ll avoid attempting it too soon. You’ll find out what signs mean your child is ready in the first instalment of this potty training course.