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Trying to conceive isn’t always straightforward and many couples facing fertility problems turn to IVF (In vitro fertilisation). It can be reassuring to know you are not on this journey alone. In these videos mums talk open and honesty about their IVF experiences. They share the highs and lows of IVF treatment, what it involves, how they coped, and whether they got their happy ending.

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What is the IVF treatment process like?

Many couples embarking on IVF will have a range of questions about what the process is like, what is involved at each stage, side effects and success rates.

The IVF process typically involves 6 stages, although it can vary from clinic to clinic. During stage 1 your menstrual cycle is suppressed using medication for about 2 weeks. You’ll then be given fertility drugs to boost egg production, which are taken by daily injection for 10-12 days. Stage 3 involves ongoing monitoring, which will include vaginal ultrasounds, before eggs are collected in stage 4. They are then fertilised with your partner’s sperm during stage 5 and you’ll be given hormone medicines to help prepare the lining of the womb before the embryos are transferred during stage 6. This usually takes place within a week of fertilisation with the best embryos selected for transfer.

Support on your IVF journey

Undergoing any form of fertility treatment can be draining both physically and emotionally. Both you and your partner will benefit from support from family and close friends, as well as those who have been through the experience themselves and professionals such as your GP or a counsellor. Channel Mum also offers a Support Group where experts are on hand to help. You can also connect with other parents there dealing with their own fertility issues.