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Channel Mum Fertility Course

Are you dreaming of being a parent? Would you like to add a sibling to your family? Whether you’ve just started trying or you’ve been struggling for a while, you are not alone. Channel Mum’s Women’s Health and Fertility Expert, Dr Larisa Corda, has developed a four-part video course to help you.

Do you need to see a specialist? Click here to download our handy checklist to see if you might need some professional help.

Confused by all the jargon you hear when talking about fertility? We’ve compiled a glossary of all the terms you may hear to help you out.

We also have a list of the top 10 foods for fertility, as recommended by Dr Larisa Corda. Check it out here.

Trying to Conceive logoIf you are struggling to get pregnant, please chat to other mums and fertility expert Dr Larisa Corda in our Trying to Conceive Support Boards.

Channel Mum fertility course

Do I have fertility problems?

If you have been trying for a while with no success, try to not panic too much. These things can take time and there may be absolutely nothing wrong with you or your partner. However if you feel like there may be issues, take a look at our handy fertility checklist. If you tick any of the boxes, it may be time to visit your GP just to get everything checked out.