Juggling employment opportunities with being a mum can be a real challenge, but whether you’re trying to decide between being a stay at home mum, work from home mum or heading back to your career, we have advice from real mums who are in the same boat. These mums have advice on job searching, childcare options, and being a stay at home mum, for whichever route is best for your family.

woman typing on laptop whilst child sleeps

What is the best employment option for my family?

Finding the work-family balance can be really challenging, whether you’re a first time mother or have a couple of children, and there’s no ‘right answer’; however, with videos from real stay at home, work from home and working mums, you can listen to first hand experiences of families who have already made that tough decision, to help you decide what’s best for you.

How can I balance my career and childcare?

If you do decide to go back to work, whether part- or full-time, finding childcare that works for you and your family isn’t always easy – but we have vlogs from mums who have tried it all, and learn from their experiences!