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Budgeting and Money Saving

Family budgeting and saving money are front of mind for all mums and dads. These videos and tips are packed full of creative ideas, hacks and plans to help you save money on your family bills and shopping. From budgeting on your weekly shop to finding ways to make your money go further, we’re sure you’ll learn something from these tried and trusted budgeting techniques.

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Got questions about budgeting, money-saving or managing debt? Head on over to our Support Group.

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How to do a family budget

Managing a household budget is really important for any family to stay on track and making your money work harder for you is also something all mums and dads should be interested in. These vlogs share some interesting ideas for making the most of your budget, cutting corners and keeping your finances in order. From budgeting advice and tips, to easy and simple ways to save your family a bit of extra money, you need to watch these videos.

Money Saving Tool

If you are worried your money is going each month but you aren’t sure where it is going then give our Money Saving Tool a try. You add your items and it says how much you spend on them a year. Try the Channel Mum Money Saver Tool.