Vlog Of The Week: Pregnancy Confessions + 5 Must Haves

Every week we highlight a vlog that we think is top notch. There’s such an amazing quantity of vlogs about parenting, motherhood and pregnancy that each week we’re hard pressed to pick which one we want to highlight. It might be a vlog that has made us giggle, has taught us something or simply made us feel understood for the first time in ages.

This week’s Vlog Of The Week goes to Samantha Maria for her incredibly frank approach to her pregnancy where she confesses to some of the things which she has been feeling or going through, including prenatal depression which is not something we often hear about. In fact she reveals that 1 in 10 pregnant women go through feelings of depression during their pregnancy.

As well as prenatal depression Samantha Maria opens up about other things about pregnancy which we’re sure all expectant mums can relate to; from losing your identity, to feeling like you can’t say if you’re not enjoying pregnancy, to the aches and pains that pregnancy brings with it, there’s a lot that we sympathised with!



We know this video will speak to so many women and the fact she is opening up the conversation about how pregnancy has made her feel, can only help others in a similar situation.

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