Channel Mum latest sponsored talent

Siobhan at ITV NewsIt’s been a busy time for Channel Mum, after announcing that ITV have taken a minority stake in us last month.  We were busy visiting the ITV news studios this week and here’s our Siobhan wondering what button to press next! We’re still surprised the news came out on time on Tuesday…

Anyway, on to our latest important announcement, our latest round of Channel Mum New Talent Vloggers! The standard again has been so high and our lovely judges have had a really tough time wading through so many excellent applications and working out who to put through. Here are the three lovely girls who will be joining the Channel Mum vlogging team this time:

Kate Bridge: Kate lives in Wales in a small town by the sea with her crazy, noisy and lovely family.  The family spend most of their spare time on the beach and she loves baking, photography and is into fashion and style. She’s a self-confessed big kid and enjoys most of the things her kids enjoy.

Nicola Johnston: Nicola has a one year old daughter and an 11 year old step-daughter and she’ll be vlogging about life as a first time mum, a step-mum, a post-natal anxiety sufferer and sharing all the tips she’s learnt along the way.

Jeorgia Cook: 21 year old Jeorgia is mum to her surprise baby Jax. Newly single, she’s embarking on a fresh start on her own with her toddler. She’s hoping to become a midwife and has just completed a course as a breast feeding specialist. She enjoys DIY projects, photography and cooking.

A big welcome to our three new vloggers, their Panasonic cameras will be winging their way to them next week!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Channel Mum on YouTube and look out for intro videos from Kate, Nicola and Jeorgia appearing soon.