Dr Larisa Corda, Channel Mum Women’s Health & Fertility Expert

Larisa Corda fertility expertHello, my name is Larisa Corda and I’m a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine.  In 2010 once my medical studies were complete, I decided to specialise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, caring for women from pre-conception through to pregnancy and beyond.

I believe in a holistic approach, combining physical, psychological and lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise and spiritual well-being, into the treatment I give.

I have a particular interest in wanting to help women facing adversities and I campaign passionately for better welfare and healthcare for women around the globe.  I strongly believe that every woman deserves to be empowered with the necessary tools and information to be able to make her own  decisions and  judgements and that is one of the main reasons I am so excited to be working with Channel Mum.  As the Fertility and Pregnancy Expert-in residence, I’m here to help women of all ages and backgrounds get the information and support they need to move forwards in their own journey and achieve their goals.

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Larisa Corda’s Role

At Channel Mum I work in the Support Group on the boards and I am involved in developing content that will help
hopeful parents to conceive. You can ask me anything about:

  • Fertility and trying to conceive
  • Pregnancy, including any surgical procedures
  • Women’s health

My Experience

Larisa Corda's Experience

I am This Morning’s Fertility Expert, appearing on Lorraine and Loose Women.

I am also a member of RCOG, BFS and ESHRE, I was Co-Chair of STIRMAS (Subspecialist Trainees in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery) and I was an ambassador for UN Women and the international humanitarian organisation, The Circle.



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Meet Maggie Fisher, Our Health Visitor In Residence

Maggie Fisher, Channel Mum Health Visitor In Residence

Maggie Fisher sleep specialist

Hello, my name is Maggie Fisher and I am a nurse and health visitor. I have been a health visitor for over 35 years and have a wide variety of specialist interests and experiences both within the NHS and working nationally with other organisations to support parents and train other professionals. I have advanced qualifications in parenting, healthy eating, relationships, coping with stress, infant and child mental health, perinatal mental health working with mums, dads and babies.

I have been a sleep specialist for over 25 years and have set up and ran a sleep support service in Hampshire and a national sleep support forum helping thousands of sleep deprived families. My own three children were poor sleepers and this started my personal and professional interest in understanding sleep and sleep issues. I was determined to share what I learnt and continue to learn to help others. I also run evidenced based training for other professionals so they too can improve sleep for all the family. I have written several books and write in professional journals and other publications.

I love working and connecting with mums, dads, babies and children. I am passionate about helping others and listening to mums so together we can make a difference and help overcome difficulties. Being a parent is the hardest job we do and everyone is different. We all need a place where we can be heard, understood and not judged. ChannelMum provides that caring space for mums to vent, cry, laugh, celebrate, share, be listened to and supported I am delighted to be working here with such a lovely team and community.

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And click here to download Maggie’s free Sleep Diary to help you assess your child’s sleep.

Maggie Fisher’s Role

At Channel Mum I work in the Support Group on the boards and I am involved in developing content that will help
mums, dads and their families. You can ask me anything about:

  • Sleep
  • Feeding and eating
  • Crying
  • Relationships
  • PND, anxiety, depression and anything to do with mental health
  • Normal and abnormal child development
  • Pregnancy
  • Behaviour and tantrums
  • Toilet training
  • Illness and disease
  • What to do if you are worried about a child
  • Domestic abuse

Basically all the things you would ask your health visitor!

My Experience

Here are some of the organisations I have worked at:




I also worked for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust (over 30 years) and OnePlusOne (the relationship charity). I also have my own Arbonne business.

And here are the books I have published:


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