Scandal of the BUMP SHAMERS – Channel Mum Investigates

IT’S time to educate the haters! Our new Channel Mum survey has found a shocking 94 per cent of mums-to-be get cruel comments on their weight and body shape – known as bump shaming – while pregnant.

At the time when you need support most, strangers, friends, family and even your own partner and mum somehow feel it’s OK to judge how your baby body looks. The result? Tears, isolation and seven per cent of mums now dieting during pregnancy – which is so wrong.

So starting from today, that’s why we are calling out the bump shamers and saying #DontBullyTheBump. All of our bodies are different shapes and sizes – so why should that be any different during pregnancy? So if you’ve been bump shamed, let us know – and watch our new video for some quick comebacks to show the shamers why they’re going wrong.