Vlog Of The Week: My Ectopic Pregnancy Story

vlog-of-the-week-1-v-smallThis week’s Vlog Of The Week is by Lucie Herridge aka Lucie And The Bump, who has recently joined the Channel Mum team. Her vlogs are always frank and engaging but her recent vlog where she opened up about her ectopic pregnancy was incredibly honest and we feel, incredibly important too.

In it Lucie describes the events leading up to her ectopic pregnancy, the symptoms she experienced and how she nearly lost her life. It’s a sobering account of just how serious ectopic pregnancies are. Lucie went from not knowing she was pregnant at all, and having some stomach pains to needing to be rushed to hospital for life saving surgery in a matter of hours.

We really believe that her vlog ‘My Ectopic Pregnancy’ has the potential to save lives by talking about her experience and educating others on the signs to look out for. Brave, heartfelt and helpful, we’ve not been able to stop thinking about this vlog since we watched it.


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