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MONDAY ?  – We’ve got a new video going live with our friends over at LeapFrog all about those first few months of starting big school. Plus look out for a special competition to win a HUGE LeapFrog bundle worth over £300 on our Instagram! Have you heard about a reverse advent calendar, it’s a great tradition to start with the kids?

TUESDAY – Getting ready for Christmas? Lots of inspiration over here.

WEDNESDAY ?  – Find out how to earn money on your Christmas shopping with TBSeen with our exclusive video featuring Kate Thornton today. Plus she’ll be popping up LIVE on our Facebook page at 11.30am with a special competition. Check out our Instagram takeover from Nilly Dahlia – a mum of two under two.

THURSDAY ?  – It’s the start of our Christmas countdown on Channel Mum and we’re kicking off with a video about Elf on the Shelf.  *Join us at 11.30am on Facebook LIVE for a special Christmas countdown announcement from Hey Mummy –  you will not want to miss this!* Plus we have an Instagram takeover from Sarah Cantwell and Jules Furness.

FRIDAY – You are invited to join the Channel Mum and Iceland Christmas Twitter Party at 10.15am and then join us LIVE on Facebook at 11.30am for a giveaway!

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Vlog of The Week: IVF Diary by Jules Furness

This week we’re kicking off a brand new feature, our Vlog Of The Week, which is our way of highlighting some of the amazing vlogging talent that’s out there.

We have hundreds of  mum (and dad) vloggers plugged into Channel Mum and each week we’re inundated with all the amazing uploads. From honest and often heartbreaking stories to fun and imaginative ideas for playtime with little ones, the breadth and depth of content made by our vlogging community is something to be celebrated. And all of it touches on what it means to be a parent today.

In this new feature we’ll be choosing a vlog to highlight on our site and our social media, every single week. Whether it’s a vlog that we can’t stop talking about or a vlog that covers something we think more people need to know about, our Vlog of The Week is our little way of saying – WOW.

This is our first Vlog Of The Week and it’s a particularly special one from vlogger Jules.

Vlog Of The Week – Thrown A Curve Ball By Jules Furness

Jules Furness is mama to son Josh and is now on her IVF journey to conceive a sibling for Josh. Josh is her and Steve’s son through adoption.

After going through the menopause as a teenager, Jules has had a lot of struggles to get to this point and watching her open up so honestly about what her IVF journey is like, is nothing short of humbling. Always genuine, never afraid to hold back on the hard parts, Jules has documented her IVF story in a way that will be so helpful and inspiring to so many others in a similar situation.

We’ve chosen this powerful vlog to launch our Vlog of the Week, it shows her in Prague after her scan at the Fertility Clinic which returned an unexpected result. Hearing about the impact it had on her and seeing her talk about her worries, fears and hopes is heartbreaking viewing at times, but her resilience and her dedication to shining a light on every part of her IVF journey can only be helpful for others facing fertility issues. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight it as our Vlog Of The Week, watch it below and we think you’ll agree it’s very well deserved.



We’d love to hear your suggestions for our next Vlog of The Week, just remember, they have to be plugged into the Channel Mum website and have been published in the last four weeks. Simply send us a tweet @ChannelMum using #CMVlogoftheWeek with your suggestions!

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