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MONDAY – Did you catch the amazing birth story we featured last week from Nomadi Daddy and wife Holly? Over the weekend their live C-section birth story went viral featuring in The Sun, The Mail and The Mirror. It’s the most heart-warming story of when a birth doesn’t quite go to plan.

TUESDAY – We’re back with Mum’s The Word – Charlie is joined by Katie, Lucy and Stacey to discuss the tricky topic of discipline ?  how do you discipline your children? Plus look out for a special Facebook LIVE competition at 11.30am today with Hey Mummy.

WEDNESDAY  You won’t want to miss this super exciting Instagram takeover from mum-of-one Rhiannon Ashlee featuring her gorgeous daughter Delilah. Rhiannon vlogs on everything from fashion and beauty and all things mum related with 331k subscribers on YouTube and 75k followers on Instagram.

THURSDAY Hey Mummy are back on Facebook LIVE at 11.30am rounding up the week’s hottest parenting news and stories – come and have a gossip with them!

FRIDAY  We’ll be highlighting a Vlog Of The Week – have any made an impact on you recently? Please let us know.


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