Vlog Of The Week: Name My Baby

This week’s Vlog Of The Week is a really fun one – we’ve chosen Sarah-Jayne Lljungstrom’s ‘Name My Baby‘ vlog where reveals how she is struggling to come up with the perfect name for her third baby. There’s nothing we love more at Channel Mum Shedquarters than talking about baby names so this video has definitely been a highlight.

Sarah-Jayne has made some great videos in the past about picking baby names for her two sons but is stuck when it comes to baby number three. What’s more she doesn’t know the gender of her baby which makes it even harder!

Fancy coming up with the name of her baby? Sarah-Jayne has opened up the floor to suggestions!

Head over and have a watch and hear about the names she loves, the kind of names she is looking for and why not even make a suggestion or two? She’ll definitely thank you for it! Baby is due in only a few weeks time now!

name my baby

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