Vlog Of The Week | 2017 Goals and Positivity

It’s a brand new year and we have a really lovely Vlog Of The Week to start us off on the right note. We’re putting the spotlight on a vlog from Jessica Avey, ‘2017 Goals and Positivity’ – it’s a great video to start the new year with. Jessica has reflected on her 2016, which was a very challenging year for her family. In the vlog she recaps how she felt as her sister in law, then mother both got diagnosed with cancer, how she worried about her mum ever getting to meet her second son, Jenson when she was pregnant and how the strain of all these things impacted her relationship as well.

Jess has been through a hell of a year, sadly ending with the loss of her sister in law. But there have been positives too. Jess has shared the strength she found when her mother was given the all clear, and how baby Jenson brought light into her family.

Despite going through such challenging times, Jess is approaching 2017 with a real zest for life and positive goals to work towards. Her resolutions or goals are really humbling and inspiring and we can’t wait to see her achieve them. Her positive nature and honest account of her 2016 can’t fail to move you. If you want to feel motivated and inspired then you have to give this vlog a watch.

2017 jessica avey

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