Orgasmic birth – it’s a thing!

6% claim an orgasmic birthTHERE are lots of things us mums shout out in labour – from ‘owwww that hurts!’ to ‘I don’t think I can do this!’ But ‘yes, yes, yessss!’?

Well an incredible six per cent of mums have revealed they found giving birth intensely pleasurable – and even had an orgasm! That’s the stunning result from the latest Channel Mum survey, with our friends at the

Overall, a quarter of the 2,209 mums we spoke to said they  ‘love’ being in labour – with 67 per cent describing birth as ‘a very positive experience.’ In a world where the only news seems to be bad news – even with birth stories – we feel this is an important message to share.

So many mums-to-be only hear the negative stories that it’s easy to get worried about bringing your baby into the world, and the fear can mar what should be a lovely pregnancy and an exciting time in your life.

Birth stories
Lucy Roberts amazing birth story

So what’s even more encouraging is that our study showed a quarter of mums said giving birth was much easier than expected, compared to just one in five who found it harder than they were prepared for.

And the best bit?  Mums’ favourite part of giving birth is just as the baby is being born, preferred by 41 per cent of women, followed by 27 per cent who claimed the moment they went into labour as their most enjoyable part of the birth process.

But the least liked time is pushing, with 38 per cent of mums finding it tough, along with one in three who found the early hours of being in labour hardest.

And it seems we’re loving giving birth so much that 36 per cent of us now plan the type of birth we want BEFORE we’re even pregnant!

Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard said: “No quarter of mums say giving birth was easier than expectedother life changing experience has such a bad reputation as giving birth. Yes it can be gruelling and it can go wrong, but it can also be amazing, empowering and even pleasurable, with a surprising number of mums saying they enjoyed an orgasmic birth.”

Now here at Channel Mum we’ve also notice a real trend for mums researching birth stories when they are newly pregnant, and for new mums to share their birth vids once the new arrival is safely here. So we were delighted to find out that 92 per cent of mothers read or watch them and 94 per cent of you have shared your own.

But there’s one thing lacking here and that’s dad’s side of the story. Our research revealed an overwhelming 96 per cent of mums want to hear from dads but only 53 per cent knew of a dad who’d shared his story – and just two in five said their partner shared his own story.

92% of mum watch or read birth storiesBut we’re on our way to fixing this with our collection of birth stories from our vlogger mums – and dads! You can take a look at our growing collection of great dads birth stories over here.

Milli Hill, birth expert and founder of the Positive Birth Movement said: “The fact that giving birth can be a brilliantly enjoyable experience is a well-kept secret that is finally getting out!”

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Watch the rest of the results from our new survey in the video below: