Vlog Of The Week: Pregnancy Confessions + 5 Must Haves

Every week we highlight a vlog that we think is top notch. There’s such an amazing quantity of vlogs about parenting, motherhood and pregnancy that each week we’re hard pressed to pick which one we want to highlight. It might be a vlog that has made us giggle, has taught us something or simply made us feel understood for the first time in ages.

This week’s Vlog Of The Week goes to Samantha Maria for her incredibly frank approach to her pregnancy where she confesses to some of the things which she has been feeling or going through, including prenatal depression which is not something we often hear about. In fact she reveals that 1 in 10 pregnant women go through feelings of depression during their pregnancy.

As well as prenatal depression Samantha Maria opens up about other things about pregnancy which we’re sure all expectant mums can relate to; from losing your identity, to feeling like you can’t say if you’re not enjoying pregnancy, to the aches and pains that pregnancy brings with it, there’s a lot that we sympathised with!



We know this video will speak to so many women and the fact she is opening up the conversation about how pregnancy has made her feel, can only help others in a similar situation.

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Did you win? Scan competition winner announced here!

There’s nothing more special that seeing your baby for the first time and the incredible technology behind 4D scans means you’re able to do just that, before they’re even born.

competition winner

4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby in the womb, so you can see their little face and body in real time. It’s pretty special. You can watch our week by week video featuring some amazing scan footage here.

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is also an unforgettable and precious moment for any mother and heart beat teddies allow you to have your baby’s heartbeat recorded and put inside the teddy for your baby hear later on.

Our incredibly popular scan competition with WindowToTheWomb gave away just that, a 4D scan and heart beat teddy, and we have to say we were overwhelmed with all your entries, sharing first scan photos, due dates and excited comments from mums to be.

We particularly loved how pregnant friends were also tagged in the competition too. It’s a lovely prize to be able to win and we’re sure our winner will have a really wonderful experience.

This is such a special prize and we’re delighted to announce that Stacey Louise Hillhouse on Facebook is our lucky winner.

If you didn’t win this time, not to worry, we have lots more exciting prizes planned soon, like us on Facebook to keep up to date!

MEET the Poke-Mums! Game used to induce labour

Everyone is playing Pokemon-Go but did you know the new AR app has a VERY unusual use? Pregnant woman across the globe are using the smash-hit game to help bring on labour!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the character-catching gaming craze sees players walk for up to six miles at a time to snare monsters and hatch their eggs – and has led to a surge in women reporting it helped kickstart their birth.

As every pregnant mummy knows, walking is thought to stimulate the release of pregnancy hormone oxytocin, which triggers contractions. It’s one of the main methods recommended by midwives to begin labour – but most of us don’t manage it as it’s just too uncomfortable in late pregnancy.

But our new Channel Mum survey has found 53 per cent of mums-to-be plan to use the app to get their labour underway, and one in 20 new mums who’ve given birth in the past few weeks already say they played it to Pokemon-Go into labour.


Two in three mums claim playing the virtual game helps with pain relief by keeping them occupied, while 53 per cent said it helped them walk further by having fun.

Midwives have already dubbed the new craze ‘Poke-Mums’ and are braced for an influx of women using the app, as 57 per cent of us young mums are already regular Pokemon-Go players.

One of the first to try it is our very own Channel Mum vlogger Amber Wilde. She said: “Never mind hatching a Pokemon character, I’m hatching two real babies of my own thanks to the app. I’m proud to be a Poke-Mum as it worked really well to make me go into labour. I’d only just hit on the idea and started walking and monster hunting for a few miles when my waters broke and the twins were on their way.”

Good luck Amber, we can’t wait to meet them!

Watch below to see how heavily pregnant Jess gets on catching Pokemon

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Everything you need to know about scans – and more!

If you hadn’t guessed already, trying to make life easier for mums is something we’re passionate about here at Channel Mum HQ. That’s why we’ve launched the Channel Mum Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Scans to help demystify the world of ultrasound scans and to show you what to expect.

Our Ultimate Pregnancy Scan Guide shows you what happens during your ultrasound scan, the different kinds of scans you can have and follows our vlogger Emily having a private scan at 28 weeks at Window To The Womb. You can see her have a 2D, 3D and 4D scan and even see how the gender of her baby is identified. Is it a boy or a girl? Watch the video to find out!

Side note: Did you know you could find out the gender of your baby from as early as 16 weeks?

We’ve even included a fruit diary of how your baby grows rapidly from something smaller than a poppyseed to the size of a watermelon in nine months.

Scans are such a momentous part of any pregnancy and such a special time for you and your partner to finally get a glimpse at what’s going on in your tummy and listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

If you’re anything like us, during your pregnancy you’ll be searching high and low to try and see what your baby looks like at each week of pregnancy, so we feel pretty lucky to have been able to secure footage of 2D, 3D and 4D real scans from our lovely friends at Window To The Womb.

If you’re expecting a baby or curious about what each week of pregnancy can be like, make sure you check out our pregnancy week by week guides for more pregnancy videos from mums at the same stage as you are, all the way through your pregnancy.

scan video


Competition time!

To celebrate our Ultimate Pregnancy Scan Guide going live we’ve got a fab competition with a chance for you to win a ‘Born To Be A Star’ scan package from Window To The Womb with a 4D Baby Scan package and a Heartbeat Teddy Bear (worth £119).

So if you fancy having a 4D scan where you can see moving 3D images of your baby and have their heartbeat recording put inside a teddy bear, then don’t miss your chance to enter.

How to Enter

You can take part in our free prize draw using your social media of choice.

Facebook – Simply follow us and add your scan photo in the comments below the competition post or tell us your due date there.


Twitter – Follow us and tweet us a scan photo or your due date using #WinAScan and tag @channelmum


Instagram – Follow us and upload your scan photo and tag @channelmum. Or leave a comment on our competition post.

Comp closes midnight 29th July 2016.

The prize will be redeemable at any Window To The Womb studio nationwide. No cash alternative. Usual Channel Mum terms and conditions apply. One winner will be chosen at random after the closing date.