Find out the TOP Christmas adverts for 2016

Christmas 2016 advertsMOVE over Father Christmas – this year Mother Christmas has stolen the show!

The epic new Christmas advert from high street fave M&S has sleighed (sorry!) rival stores to be crowned the festive season’s best.

The commercial – which features a sassy Mumma Claus delivering a last minute gift to heal the rift between warring siblings – has warmed the nations’ hearts. And it’s even beaten Chrimbo stalwart John Lewis to clinch top place in our annual Channel Mum festive ads poll.

Now you may see M&S more as the store where your mum shops, but the ad’s cosy setting, sleek gifts and cheeky touches like Mrs C curled up with her fave novel ’50 Shades of Red’ mean everyone is taking a peek at what good old M&S has on the shelves this season.

We’ll be elbowing Alexa Chung out of the way for the faux leather jeggings for starters. And it seems you all agree as over a third more mums rated the M&S ad as their favourite above John Lewis, which has won our poll every year previously.

M&S was also your most effective Christmas ad, with two in five mums saying they’re more likely to shop with the store as a result of seeing the Christmas commercial. But close on Mrs Claus’s heels was Aldi’s hilarious Kevin the Carrot. A whopping 38 per cent of mums we surveyed said they’d be more likely to shop with the discounter after viewing it’s fun-filled festive jaunt.

By contrast, just 22 per cent of you will switch to John Lewis despite the £7m cost of the Buster the Boxer extravaganza. Indeed, nine in ten mums polled said they thought the £7m spend was ‘excessive’ with 46 per cent claiming it has turned them off shopping there.

But John Lewis remained the kids clear favourite, with 54 per cent of children voting for it, followed by 19 per cent for Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot and nine per cent who adored Argos’ Yetis. Trampolines on the Christmas list yet, anyone?

GO ON, admit it – did you shed a tear? If so, you’re in good company as a whopping 60 per cent of mums admit to crying at this year’s Christmas ads.

The biggest tearjerker was M&S again, with 54 per cent of our mums weeping after watching it – perhaps at the thought their kids could eventually get on!

A quarter sobbed over the acrobatic animals in the John Lewis ‘bounce bounce’ ad, 12 per cent at Sainsbury’s harried but hardworking dad and nine per cent at the heroic Waitrose robin battling home for his festive mince pie.

M&S was also voted the most Christmassy commercial overall by 56 per cent of mums quizzed. And our mums even revealed their ultimate wishlist for the perfect festive ad.

Four in five want scenes of happy families together enjoying themselves, 52 per cent enjoy traditional snow and Christmas trees, and 45 per cent love nothing more than a cosy house with a roaring fire.

But there’s also a new and growing movement for keeping it real, as three in five of you want to see ‘less perfect, more real’ ads.

Half complained the Christmas ads don’t recognise than many families are still struggling for money while a third want to see more kids with disabilities featured, and a quarter asked for more Christmas ads about single parents.

But when you find an ad you love, you let everyone know! Seven in ten of us talk about the ads with family and friends, two in five re-watch the Christmas ads on YouTube and a third talk about them on social media. One in seven even post the ads to their own social profiles and six per cent use retailer’s official hashtags.

And to top it all off it’s now more popular to watch the ads as video social or YouTube before the telly, with 52 per cent of mums going online first. So like everything else family-focused you need to know, you can see it on Channel Mum first. So a very merry Vidmas to you all!

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