Coming up 5th December 2016 …

Coming up 5th December

It’s super busy in the Shedquarters this week! Pop to our homepage or social channels each day and join the chat …

MONDAY ?  – Fancy making your own Christmas Jumper this year? Little Button Diaries, Lorraine MulrooneyKerry Conway, Isabel Brandon, Moderate Mum and Lulastic Hippyshake show us how. Plus it’s day five of our 12 Days of Christmas competition and Emily Norris will be LIVE on Facebook at 11.30am giving away another great toy from Mattel.

TUESDAY ? – Get powered up and ready for Christmas with this Duracell video, featuring The Ingham Family of Five, Emily Norris and Alex Gladwin and we’re half way through the 12 Days of Christmas countdown, today it’s Mrs Meldrum‘s turn to be LIVE on Facebook at 11.30am with our Mattel toy giveaway.

WEDNESDAY – Day seven and SJ will be LIVE on Facebook at 11.30am – go say ‘hi’ and you could win a fab toy, plus there’s an Instagram takeover from The Wilky Ways.

THURSDAY ? – We’re celebrating Christmas Eve traditions in our video with Iceland; Kate+ and Lara Jarvis show you what their day looks like and don’t forget to join Sarah Ingham on Facebook LIVE at 11.30am for day eight of our fabulous toy giveaway.

FRIDAY ?– Have you seen the Vileda Windomatic cleaner? It’s sooo clever, watch as Emily NorrisCharlotte Taylor and Lumdeedums put it to the test. Charlie is LIVE on Facebook at 11.30am for day 9 of our Christmas countdown and don’t forget to join Katie Ellison on Saturday and Stacey Leigh on Sunday, too – there are some truly wonderful Mattel toys to be won! Are you one of the lucky ones? See all the 12 days of Christmas competition winners here.

*We’ll also be highlighting our Vlog Of The Week – what vlog has caught your eye this week? Let us know*


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