Vlog Of The Week: Why Didn’t We See It?

Every week we highlight a vlog that we think deserves to be seen by more people, whether it’s something that has made us feel warm and fuzzy, laugh out loud or blub into our coffees.

This week’s Vlog Of The Week is from Jess from 2.2 Children & A Dog. In her ‘Why Didn’t We See It?’ vlog Jess tackles a very important issue; anxiety. She talks about her son’s experiences with anxiety and how she gradually spotted the signs that he was suffering from this condition.

Her video is so honest and so heartbreaking at times that once we finished watching, her words remained with us for a long time after. It’s such a delicate issue having a child with anxiety, and it has the potential to cause real problems in daily life. What’s more, her candid account of how it has made her feel as a mum, and the measures the family is taking to improve things, are really enlightening.

Jess’s openness and honesty will be extremely helpful for other parents who suspect their child of suffering from anxiety, which is why it’s our well deserved Vlog Of The Week. All too often we don’t discuss the things that worry us or upset us, and hearing Jess describe the symptoms and issues around anxiety can only help to demystify this condition and help others in a similar situation.

Watch Jess’s vlog below:


Check out Jess’s vlogger page here to watch more of her content.

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