10-11 MONTH UPDATE breastfeeding, walking, first words, returning to work etc

The Expat Diaries

Finally an update for Noa, sorry its late! This covers her 10 month update and 11 month update. Some of the milestones she’s achieved (walking/ first steps) and also how I am mangling with returning to work!


My name is Tori , I am wife to Ste and we have 2 little girls Frankie Bella aged 3 and Noa Blossom aged 9 months.

We have recently returned from an exciting 18 month adventure living in Texas USA and have now settled in a beautiful part of the Peak District.
On my channel you will find our expat adventure blogs, pregnancy, live birth blog, updates, product reviews, hauls, anything mum related and a little bit of beauty.

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