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If someone close to you suffered a miscarriage what would you say to make them feel better? What if it happened multiple times like Bella who has sadly suffered six baby loses, or perhaps it was an ectopic pregnancy like Lucie? What would you say then? Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words.

Channel Mum have done some research and discovered ten things that are often said to comfort people who have suffered baby loss, but unfortunately these well intended platitudes often have the opposite effect.

What Shouldn’t You Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Baby?

1. You’ll be fine
2. You’ll get over it
3. It wasn’t a proper baby
4. In my day we just treated it like a heavy period and got on with it
5. At least you know you can get pregnant
6. Well it’s nature’s way
7. What did you do to make it happen?
8. Don’t worry you can try again soon
9. Everything happens for a reason
10. It wasn’t your time

So now you know what you shouldn’t say, but what should you say? Watch the full video to find out.

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