12 WEEKS BUMPDATE || ?? Hearing the heartbeat ❤️


Lots has happened since my last update!Sorry the lighting is a bit poor in this one!

Questions you might have:

* What age am I – I will be 25 next week and my husband is 28
* Did we plan to get pregnant – Yes very much so!
* How far along – 12 weeks currently
* Due date = 4.7.17
* How long have we been married – 3 years in May
* Do we know the gender – not yet and we will be keeping it secret when we find out
* Am I still riding – Undecided!
* Will I lease or sell Murphy now – Absolutely not! He will have a break when I am further along/first give birth and then will be back in work after baby arrives
* What will I do with my channel – For now I will be continuing to make videos with old clips or new groundwork/flatwork clips and I will also be posting pregnancy related vlogs

Strictly business/sponsorship enquiries – gemma.dennison91@hotmail.co.uk