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Need a little stress relief? You are not alone. So many mums feel crazy stressed with all of the things… cooking dinners, washing clothes, is my child eating right, is my parenting good enough… it can all get a bit much sometimes. Not only can stress hurt our physical and mental wellbeing, it can also have a huge impact on the happiness of our families.

But there is something that can be done to help ease the stresses that come with being a parent, and that is to practice a little self-care. Sounds simple enough right? But how often do we actually take time to look after ourselves? Here are our top 15 ways to practice self-care, and they are all super quick and easy things that can be implemented into your life no matter how busy you are!

We’ve got loads more ideas for self-care right here.

If you feel that your stress may be becoming too much to handle, you may be suffering from anxiety or mental health issues. Take our quiz here to see if you should be seeking help.

And did you know that simply talking to someone is a form of self care? If you’re looking for other mums to chat to, look no further than our Support Group.

Ideas For Self Care and Stress Relief

There are 15 amazing suggestions in this video, but that’s not all! There are hundreds of ways you can look after yourself, from joining an exercise class to meeting a friend for coffee, from promising yourself an hour of Netflix to getting intimate with your other half (yes girls, we need it too!) If you’re stuck for ideas for self care and stress relief, why not ask for inspiration in our Support Group?

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