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Parents spend an estimated £468 per family, keeping their children entertained during the summer holidays. That’s a lot of money, right? So, Channel Mum have come up with 20 genius ways to keep your kids entertained this summer and the best part is they don’t cost a single penny.

Free Things To Do With Kids

From water fights, to sports days, baking and lazy pyjama days, this video is absolutely jam-packed with ideas to keep you and your little ones busy. Why not make a den inside or an indoor obstacle course? See below for more brilliant ideas…

20 Free Things To Do

Take it outside
1. Put your wellies and wet weather gear on and go jump in puddles
2. Have a garden bug hunt and get the kids to list every creature they meet
3. Set up a sports day in the garden with egg and spoon and sack races
4. Water fight time! Whatever the weather, get your swimming cozzies on and GO!

Bring the fun inside
1. Have a pyjama day. Drag duvets downstairs and relax all day in your pjs!
2. Make an indoor den. Hours of fun guaranteed
3. Turn your front room into a cinema – close the curtains, get the kids to make tickets, you bring the popcorn and they bring their teddies!
4. Create an indoor obstacle course around the house – set the timer on your phone and see who’s the winner

Get creative
1. Make an ‘I’m bored jar’ filled with ideas of things to do, whenever the kids are bored they pull an idea out and do it
2. Make a gratitude jar! Each day everyone writes down something they are thankful for that day, a lovely thing to look back on
3. Lay in the garden on a blanket and look up – make up a story about the cloud shapes in the sky
4. Get everyone to draw portraits of each other. Write the date and keep them somewhere safe to open years from now

Cook up a storm
1. Bake cupcakes or biscuits and let the kids get messy (just this once!) take them over to a friend or family member
2. Make mud pies, ok not cooking as such but get the kids in their oldest clothes with plastic cups, bowls and spoons and watch them go! (Great just before bath time)
3. Teach them how to make an ice-cream float, add one scoop of vanilla ice-cream to their favourite fizzy drink, add a straw and stir gently as it fizzes up
4. Make an indoor picnic and let the kids take charge, lay out a blanket indoors to eat your lunch altogether

Do something for others
1. Encourage your kids to do something for you. Make you lunch? Make your bed? Get you dressed in the morning!!
2. Go with them as they clean a neighbour’s car or help around the house for free
3. Give each kid a box and ask them to fill it using toys, books or clothes to give to charity
4. Write a letter or do a drawing to send to a relative you don’t see as often as you’d like

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