2017 Goals: Veganuary, Running & Core Desire Feelings ○ Kirsty Dee

Kirsty Dee

Hey everyone, I want to have the best 2017 ever. So here is my 2017 goals. I’ve gone for goals I know I truly want, over New Year Resolutions of giving up stuff I know I won’t last long at.

My 2017 goals are:
1) To do Veganuary (Vegan all January). I’ve done veganism before, but now a vegetarian but I’m so passionate about veganism so it made sense to set a goal to do veganuary for the new year.
2) Complete a running challenge. I’m not sure what yet, but something running or at least a fitness challenge. I’d like to complete a marathon one day.
3) Focus on my core desire feelings daily. This is something I learnt from Danielle Laporte’s book the Desire Map. Now I always ask myself how do I want to feel? Game changer ☺

My 1st video as mentioned (How To Deal With Negative Emotions):

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Thanks for watching and have a great 2017,

Kirsty Dee xx