33 Weeks Pregnant // Fed Up, Slow Labour & Finding Pregnancy Hard

Ria Langner

Wow!! This week…what can I say? It has been HARD. Pregnancy has become so difficult for me at 33 weeks and I am finding things really draining. I don’t feel like a very good mama right now and that is making me really sad. I pride myself on the relationship I have with my children and I feel like in some way I am failing them. I know that I am probably being over emotional but I just can’t shake the feeling. So when a couple of other things were thrown in to the mix this week, I couldn’t just smile through, like I usually would. It isn’t the happiest video that I have made but it is honest. Thank you for watching, for being there for me, for the support… You don’t know how thankful I am for you x x x


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Much Love, Ria x