34 Weeks Pregnant – hospital bags, birth plans and a hiding baby

Lucy Roberts Dear Beautiful

In my 34 week update I’m talking preparations, birth plans, symptoms and how much I CANNOT BELIEVE I’m 34 weeks already. The time is certainly flying by.

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I’m Lucy. I’m the camera woman, director, editor, photographer, and general organiser of all thing around these parts. I also grow babies… that’s a pretty special super power!

My long suffering blogger/vlogger/instagram husband is Rich; he is amazingly supportive (and sometimes just about tolerant) of this crazy online world that plays such a big part in our lives.

Together we are parents to our little tribe of kiddos; seven-year-old Dylan, five-year-old Everly, two-year-old Quinn and a fourth little bubba who is due in Spring 2018… oh and we’re parents to two fluffy babies too; Darcy (the black one) and Wentworth (the grey one)

It’s a total cliche to say it; but my little tribe is my entire world.

You’ll find new content from us at least twice a week; weekend vlogs on a Wednesday at 7pm and chatty vlogs on a Friday at 7pm, and sometimes some bonus extra videos on a Monday too. We hope you enjoy coming on this little journey we call life with us.

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