5 Mummy/Mommy Meal Planning Tips Collab With CPR4THEBODY


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Tip 1 work with your current calendar/diary take into account when meal planning any school clubs sports or late nights at work if you plan a meal thats going to take hours to make on a night you just don’t have time to do your not going to be able to stick to your meal plan have simpler meals planned for those nights. writhing it down on your calendar or diary will also help to remind you take out anything you need to thaw for the following day nothing worst than forgetting to take something outa the freezer so it a good habit to get in to to check

Tip 2 shop sales Aldis super 6 fruit an veg meet offers and mysupermarket app is a great app as you can compare the prices of your favourite things an get notifications when they go on sale on your phone

Tip 3 leading from tip 2 stock up on sale items this is important as if you have a good stock you won’t need to buy things at there full price you can wait till the next sale also if for any reason you can’t get to the shops or for some reason real life happens an you can’t stick to you meal plan you have back up food an household products also when you meal plan you can not only use the sale items to help you meal plan but also meal plan from what use already got at home

Tip 4 prep your food not only saves food waste which saves you money but saves time an sanity helping yo u keep to your meal plan carrots will last me a couple days before starting to go soft but if I peal chop them I can get a week to 2 weeks in the fridge you can also freeze the peppers I chop up an freeze them in a zip lock bag so convenient

Tip 5 to help you keep a good rotation of meals an help not get stuck into that rut write all the meals you currently eat on a sheet of paper its helpful if you list them in to categories by meats of types of meals summer or winter dinners then a second for new recipes you wana try if they make the cut they can be added to your rotation sheet also theme nights such as meatless Monday or I always have a Sunday roast helps take some of the guess work of I just dunno what to have

I really hope you enjoyed this video please don’t for get to check out CPR4URBODYS video take care 🙂